BRISAY BRI-710 Collar Finish Pressing Machine

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BRI-710 / 101 SH

Collar Finish Pressing Machine (3 head bucks),

with digital programmer

-second hand, general overhauled-                                   

Operation: Finish of collar and lapel including a crease in collar and lapel

equipped with:

-digital distance control:

Upper buck always moves at exactly the adjusted distance to the garment. Several different distance values can be set within one program for increased sensitivity to handle all kinds of fabric - avoiding marks and shine

collar head suction

escaped steam is vacuumed away (after head distance and blowing lower buck) into the head buck in order to avoid steam touching the garment outside of the pressing area = increases quality when pressing high sensitive fabrics - avoiding marks.

airbags for larger size jackets:

for optimal positioning of the garment especially for large sizes