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VEIT Varioset Finish Ironing Table

VEIT Varioset Finishing Table S+B SH -second hand, general overhauled- consisting of: -base module suction and blowing short support short stand iron rest cpl.

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VEIT Lining Ironing Table with Water Spray Unit

VEIT Varioset Lining Table S+B SH -second hand, general overhauled- consisting of: -base module suction and blowing, -sound absorber, -short support stand with double kicker plate -finish spill tray, -jacket lining buck with industry soft cover, -iron rest cpl. -spraying unit for Varioset Lining Tables

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BRISAY BRI-710 Collar Finish Pressing Machine

BRI-710 / 101 SH Collar Finish Pressing Machine (3 head bucks), with digital programmer -second hand, general overhauled- Operation: Finish of collar and lapel including a crease in collar and lapel equipped with: -digital distance control: Upper buck always moves at exactly the adjusted distance to the garment. Several different distance values can be set within one program for increased sensitivity to handle all kinds of fabric - avoiding marks and shine collar head suction escaped steam is vacuumed away (after head distance and blowing lower buck) into the head buck in order to avoid steam touching the garment outside…

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BRISAY BRI-1200 Vertical Jacket Front Finish Pressing Machine

BRI-1200 SH Jacket Front Finish Pressing Machine, pressing bucks vertical (same operation as BRI-1005 with horizontal bucks) Operation: finishing of left and right front parts -second hand, general overhauled- -digital programmer -pressing bucks vertical -digital distance control for exact adjustment of distance between upper buck and jacket to receive optimal pressing results also with difficult/sensitive clothes -2-step vaccum -electronic rapid pressure regulator for optimal placement of press power -automatic program stepping -positioning light for positioning oft the jacket -hanging device on head buck -steam iron for „Touch Up“

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BRISAY BRI-805 Arm-hole Creasing & Finishing Machine

BRI-805 SH Arm-hole Creasing and Sleeve Finishing Machine with sleeve head finisher and sleeve tensioner with flap, with digital programmer -second hand, general overhauled- Operation: sleeve finish and creasing of the armhole area basic machine and: - Exchangeable creasing clamp system (incl. 2 sets of creasing clamps) - Side seam-stretcher - Front and back part holders - sleeve finish device moveable 

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